Video shared by UMCSAFS scholars for CNR Madanjeet Singh Mobile Video Competition 2018

News Punakha, Bhutan. - 30th October 2018

The video basically focuses on how Bhutan as a whole maintains the country carbon neutral and difficulties faced in sustaining the neutrality. The video is imaginarily divided into three sub-divisions where the first part describes about the country ‘Bhutan’ where it is shown about the facts of vegetation coverage and nature of the country. The second part briefly portrays about the carbon neutral country and the main challenges faced by the country to maintain its neutrality in this fast changing era. The developmental activities is causing adverse impact on environment. Climate change is happening and this is no hoax. And the last part shows how the country is trying to maintain the greenery and sustain its name as the carbon neutral country in many ways. Bhutan is such a country where it is healthy to breathe in and comfort to live in. Let us preserve our pristine environment to live as a carbon neutral country.