Launch of the Ocean Decade Virtual series: Co-designing the science we need for the Ocean Decade

News UNESCO Headquaters, Paris - 22nd September 2020

Launch of the Ocean Decade Virtual series

This session will explore how our health and well-being are closely connected to the ocean. It will discuss the opportunities and challenges for the coming years and what could be the positive outcomes from transformative actions under the Ocean Decade and long-lasting benefits to both the ocean and society.

-Vladimir Ryabinin - Secretary General Executive Secretary of IOC-UNESCO and Assistant Director General
Global Voices of Ocean and Human Health
-Ms. Sandra Howard – Co-lead Sustainable Tourism Working Group, Blue Climate Initiative
-Dr. Timothy Bouley – CEO, BioFeyn
-Prof. Lota Alcantara-Creencia - Marine biologist, Blue Communities
-Dr. Jacqueline Uku – President, Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association
-Dr. Josep Lloret - Director, Oceans and Human Health Chair
OHH and the Ocean Decade
-Dr. Lora Fleming - Professor, Chair, Director, European Centre for Environment and Human Health
Next steps and closing
-Dr. Herve Raps, Deputy Director, WHO Collaborating Centre on Human Health and Sustainable Development, Centre Scientifique de Monaco
-Mr. Julian Barbiere – Head, Marine and Regional Policy Section, IOC-UNESCO


Source: The Ocean Decade Virtual Series