Dr. Kamal Hossain Urges for Rule of Law

In the media Bangladesh News 24, Bangladesh - 27th November 2012

Eminent Jurist Dr. Kamal Hossain has said that the ownership of the State belongs to the People, and the elected representatives are mandated to serve the people in line with the Constitution.

He observed, for establishing the rule of law there are requirements of good will and consensus amongst us along with appropriate legal frameworks.

On the issue of impunity, he told that there should be practice of it on case by case basis and on a rare circumstance only for seeking of justice. If it is done very frequently and on a political consideration, it will be tantamount to abuse of authority.

He said this at a public lecture on Constitutionalism organized by the Human Rights Law Clinic (HRLC) at UNESCO Madanjeet Singh South Asian Institute of Advanced Legal and Human Rights Studies (UMSAILS).

Dr. Hossain, also the Chairperson of the Governing Council of UMSAILS observed that the political use of religions could not bring benefit to any society. Referring to the 15th Amendment of Bangladesh Constitution, he opined that making Islam as the State religion has gone against the aged old traditions of secularism practised by people here; it is also against the spirit of the Liberation War.

He said that during the Liberation War the Pakistani military has committed genocide in the name of protecting a particular religion against the freedom loving Bangalees.  

Referring to incidents of extra-judicial killings by members of law enforcement agencies and increasing incidents of lynching, the renowned jurist said that those are violations of fundamental rights and against the rule of law. He emphasized on strengthening police and to promote professionalism among them.

“For ensuring a discrimination and violence free society, we should promote and uphold the spirit of the Constitution and rule of law,” he said. He underlined on importance of educating people on basic principles of the Constitution.

Amongst others Barrister Abdul Halim and Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary spoke in the session while Dr. Uttam Kumar Das moderated.

The session was participated by 40 law students, legal academics and practitioners.

Source: bangladeshnews24.com