Articles on the exhibition Kharmohra, Art under fire in Afghanistan by Ms. Kubra Khademi, Alumna, UMISAA, BNU

News Paris, France - 10th January 2020


About the Artist

Born in 1989. Kubra Khademi spent his childhood in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where she completed her secondary studies. In 2008 she went back to Afghanistan on her own and passed the university entrance exam. Pas sionate about drawing, she enrolled at the Fine Arts faculty in Kabul. Dis appointed by the teaching, however, she went back to Pakistan to studied the arts at Beaconhouse University in Lahore, where she had a grant. That is where she learned about video and performance. Every summer, she comes back to her home region, Ghor, in Hazarajat, and to Kabul, where she settled after her studies. In 2015 she put on her performance Armor, in which she wore iron armour which both protected her and set off her female forms, then crossed Kote Sangi, one of the capital's most populous quarters. Since then she has lived and worked in France. In 2016 she was awarded a scholarship at Panthéon Sorbonne University and the Ministry of Culture made her a knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. She explores both drawing and performance. In 2017 she creates 18 kg Performance at the Palais de Tokyo and shaws in 2019 at the galerie Valérie-Delaunay “Corps et désaccords":

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