Koshal Hamal, Alumnus, UMISAA received the National Special Award for his performance 'The Origin'

News NAFA, Kathmandu, Nepal - 20th May 2019

Date:- 20th, May 2019

Koshal Hamal, Alumni of  UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts (UMISAA), work entitled “The Origin” was part of the precious National Fine Arts Exhibition organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Hamal has received the National Special Award for his performance Art.

Artist’s Statement:

In my work, the origin belongs to my identity!

The originality starts by making space, shape, rhythm, and movement. When I start creating the space I start creating my own boundary.  I play, I feel, I imagine, I believe, and I trust are the symbol of the tradition I follow. I use the stack of red-clay and cow dung as my performance material.  The red clay and cow dung are the symbols of purity according to ritual tradition in Mugu where I was born.

“Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” are the main questions of this performance.

 Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-1

 Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-2

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-3

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-4

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-5

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-6

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-7

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-8

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-9

Koshal Hamal -showing his artwork -The Origin-10

Photo Credit: Kareema Joshi and Milan Gurung