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Conference Kashmir, India - 14th December 2003

A training project at the Institute of Home Science (Kashmir University)

Invited by the SAF Founder to attend the South Asia Foundation Learning Initiative meeting in New Delhi on 14th December 2003, Professor Ahmed Khan Tareen, Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University, submitted a training project at the Institute of Home Science (Kashmir University).

Conference New Delhi, India - 14th December 2003

The Third SAF General Conference, 13th-14th December 2003, New Delhi, India

The third SAF General Conference in New Delhi on 14th December 2003 was a landmark – the vice-chancellors/rectors of South Asian open universities completed designing a joint Post Graduate Diploma course in the Environment and Sustainable Development (PGD-ESD), and SAF launched an unprecedented programme to offer over 10,000 SAF Madanjeet Singh scholarships to disadvantaged students across South Asia.

Testimony 16th October 2003

Raju G. C.

To start with, I was/am an art student. I've never thought of bring enrolled in such a school which is so much determined to provide us a great academic experience.

In the media Daily Times, Pakistan - 14th September 2003

BNU attracts students from SAARC states

The BeaconHouse National University (BNU) has given admission ton 14students from South Asia Foundation for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)countries on schorlarship offered to them by the South Asia Foundation(SAF).

Event Malpotha, Sri Lanka - 12th August 2003

The First SAF-SOS Environment Camp - 12th - 21st August 2003, Malpotha, Sri Lanka

The first SAF-SOS joint project, approved by the SAF Chairpersons, was the Environment (organic farming) camp which was hosted by the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Malpotha, Sri Lanka, from August 12th - 21st 2003.

Conference 17th June 2003

Establishment of the UNESCO-SAF Madanjeet Singh Institute of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage, Kabul

Testimony Feeroaz Magu, Maafannu, Malé, Republic of Maldives - 14th June 2003

Moonisa Easa - Assistant Editor, AAFATHIS Daily

I take this opportunity to thank you for the generous offer you have given to us, the journalists and would be journalists of this region.

Testimony 5th June 2003

Deepamala Abeysekera - Sri Lankan student

In the media The Island of Sri Lanka - 3rd June 2003

Open University, SAF collaboration for SA studies

Within the South Asia Foundation, an ambitious educational project, called the South Asia Foundation Learning Initiative or SAFLI in short, was established in September 2002, linking a number of Open Universities in SAARC countries.

Testimony Maldives - 11th April 2003

Sinan Ali - SAF scholar, Maldives

I have heard that the SAF has decided to award 100 scholarships from next year. I am so happy to know this and I feel it is a very great decision taken by SAF.