Activities of UNESCO Chair on Community Based disability Management and Rehabilitation studies ,During the Pandemic

News UNESCO Chair, University of Calicut, Kerala, India - 28th July 2020

Activities  of  UNESCO chair  on Community  Based  disability Management  and Rehabilitation studies , During the Pandemic.


As the spread of Covid-19,  children with developmental disabilities are facing different challenges at home including behavioral and other related issues. These difficulties have become a major concern for the parents as children most cases could not attend the therapy sessions due to the Covid-19 lockdown imposed across the country.  To address this problem UNESCO chair  on Community based Disability  Management  Studies, University of  Calicut has conducing  various innovative  activities for the Children with developmental Disabilities. 

Details are given bellow,

a.    Parents  guidelines – Life  the time  of Covid-19 published by UNESCO- New Delhi office.

With the vision of providing further support to children with disabilities and their communities, UNESCO New Delhi and  our  Chair  have jointly developed guidelines for parents of specially-abled children to combat this difficult phase of Covid-19. This guideline explains the different aspects that a parent/ caregiver must take into account while taking care of children with special needs. This guideline also addresses the need to maintain the mental health of the parent/ caregiver of children with special needs. The eleven sections in this guideline explain the duties and responsibilities that parents/ caregiver must follow. The sub-sections of the  article include children’s cleanliness,  food habits and health, emotional and psychological wellbeing, physical exercises, medicines, entertainment, responsibilities, training, and behavioural issues. Apart from these, the last sub-section of the article explains the psychological wellbeing of parent/ caregiver. In this period of COVID-19 pandemic, when accessibility to therapy sessions is not possible, this article will serve as a guideline for parents. Also, this guideline will help to reduce the adversities of not continuing therapy sessions of children with special needs. It  has Published in seven languages. Copy  of the guidelines  attached,

b.    Tele Rehabilition Programme,

            As  part  of  this tele Rehabilitation  initiative, chair  is providing online assistance and intervention  to children by providing adequate home training programs and parental education programs in the view of the lockdown. Hundreds of children are benefiting this on a daily basis. The current tele-rehab team consists of a Clinical psychologist, Rehab psychologist, Speech therapist, Specialist educators, Occupational therapist and Physiotherapist. The scheme has very effective  and  useful as  disability clinics in the state hade shut down due to covid-19. About 3,000 people with disabilities continue to receive this service. 

Tele Rehabilition programe  of CDMRP
Tele Rehabilition programe  of CDMRP

c.    Online App for Learning  disability

Chair has also started a new mobile application for children with learning problems named "Ilakal Pacha", with all training assistance with the mode of effective and creative mix of  management of learning  disability  This mobile app is one of the flagship schemes  for differently abled children  and first of its kind in Kerala, making easier for children to learn at home during pandemic. More than one thousand  students are using  this app in free of cost
Online Intervention for Managment  of Learning  disability
Online Intervention for Managment  of Learning  disability

d.    Home programme videos / class

            During the lockdown  to  ensure the effective training programme, Chair had  developed  more than 50 training videos for parents of people with disabilities as part of  home program. Chair  also  prepared around 15 Nos basic training guidelines/Module for  parents. These training videos prepared Chair are mainly used for the training of children with disabilities in public schools the Department of Education, Government of Kerala. To reach out more beneficiaries  theses training videos are  hosted  in  CDMRP YouTube channel. . List and index link  of each training videos are attached  here with

 e. Online  training  programme.

As part of remote learning  initiative, Chair also successfully runs an online Life Skill training program for adolescent girls with disabilities and online training for students with learning disabilities.

Online  life  skill tranining  programme for adolescent girls   with intellectual disability
Online  life  skill tranining  programme for adolescent girls with intellectual disability


List of Parent Mediated intervetion Videos- CDMRP
Parents Handbook on Mentrual hygien of Adolscence girls with Intellectual disability -CDMRP
Life  in the time covid-19 - english
Life  in the time covid-19 - hindi