Message from Madam France Marquet, Trustee MSF & Representative of SAF to UNESCO on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day

News Paris, France - 3rd May 2020

Madam France Marquet SAF Representative to UNESCO Today, May 3rd 2020, UNESCO Is commemorating in confinement, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the  World Press Freedom Day.

I will quote and extract from “Idea of justice” (2006) by Prof Amartya Sen,  (Nobel Prize laureate, 1998) .

 “One of the central issues to consider for the advancement of public reasoning in the world is support for a free and independent press, which is often conspicuous by its absence.

…First.. the direct contribution of free speech in general and press freedom in particular to the quality of our lives…

…Second, the press has a major informational role in disseminating knowledge and allowing critical scrutiny.

…Third, media freedom has an important protective function in giving voice to the neglected and  the disadvantaged , which can greatly contribute to human security.

…Fourth, informed and unregimented  formation of values requires openness of communication and argument.”

 Fourteen years later those stamens are more valuable than never.

We want to pay tribute to all the press people all over the world who died or can’t exercise they job


France Marquet
Trustee Madanjeet Singh Foundation
Representative of South Asia Foundation to UNESCO -