Mme France Marquet, Representative of SAF to UNESCO, attended Human Face of Urbanization on World Cities Day

News UNESCO Headquaters, Paris - 1st November 2018

Event  was  organized on 31 October, 2018

Human Face of Urbanization

A day-long event  was  organized on 31 October by UNESCO at its Headquarters to celebrate and promote human-centred, inclusive and sustainable city management.  Attended by mayors, town councilors, artists and urban stakeholders from all over the world, the day-long event under the theme of World Cities Day 2018, Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities, UNESCO is advocating the humanization of urbanization, an increasingly pressing need as cities’ continue to grow.

Cities are now home to 3.9 billion people, half the world’s population, and their number is expected to reach 5 billion by 2030. The event aims to raise awareness of the socio cultural dimensions of the challenges posed by rapid urbanization, as advocated by UNESCO through its International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities.

Notable speakers at the event included the Mayor of Sheffield (UK), Magid Magid, a former refugee from Somalia, Ted Terry, Mayor of Clarkston (Georgia, USA), a town described as “the most diverse square mile in America,” and Mayor Teresita de Jesús Luis Ojeda, the young indigenous mayor of San Dionisio del Mar in Mexico.

The programme for the day  featured three panels on:

Inclusive and sustainable cities: understanding the human face of urbanization
Innovation for sustainable urban development: What works? What doesn’t?
The power of art as a vector for inclusion and non-discrimination in the urban space
The day also featured the participation of urban artists including Kouka and Shuck One (graffiti), xTend and Atipik (hip hop). It will end with the screening of Jérôme Thomas’ documentary on modern muralism, Sky’s the Limit: Painters of the Extreme.