The sixth SAF-Scout Friendship Camp - 12th-18th October 2008, Bangladesh

Event Bangladesh - 12th October 2008
SAF-Scout Friendship Camp   SAF-Scout Friendship Camp

14th October 2008, Dr Fakhrudin Ahmed, Honorable Chief Adviser, Government of the People's Republic of Bangledesh, received Madanjeet Singh UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, SAF founder and representatives of the Scouts from SAARC countries attending the 6th SAF Scout Friendship camp in Mouchak Bangladesh.


Dr Fakhrudin Ahmed, Honorable Chief Adviser, Government of the People's Republic of Bangledesh, is presented some SAF publications by Madanjeet Singh UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, SAF founder.

Honourable Secretaries of the SAF Chapters, Greetings! We are pleased to inform you that the 6th SAF Scout Friendship Camp will be held from 12th - 18th October 2008 in National Scout Training Centre, Mouchak, Bangladesh.

NSO Male Female No of Participants
Bangladesh     199
Bhutan 8 8 16
India 24 27 51
Maldives 7 2 9
Nepal 17 19 36
Pakistan 13 10 23
Sri Lanka 8 8 16
Total 77 74 350

The aim of the camp is to promote and strengthen regional peace, solidarity and cooperation among the young people of South Asia by providing them the opportunity to live together and engage in various activities fostering friendship and mutual understanding.

This year's theme is ‘Scouting for Peace and Friendship’. As of today, we have received the following participants from each South Asian country.

Furthermore, we have also attached the programme for your information. Please note that the Opening Ceremony will be at 1030 hrs on 12th October 2008 and Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed, Hon’ble Chief Adviser, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh will be present. H. E. the President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Chief Scout Prof. Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed will be present at 11:30 am on 16th October 2008 in the Youth Parliament Programme. Closing Ceremony will be at 1430 hrs on 18th October 2008.

Syd Castillo
World Scout Bureau, Asia-Pacific Regional Office

The Programme


1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day
5th Day
6th Day
7th Day
0700 - 0730
0730 - 0800
Visiting Tent
0800 - 0830
Hoisting Flag
0830 - 1230
of the Camp
Staffs and

(1030 hrs)
Discovery 1


Sight Seeing

(Educational tour)


Open Discussion
and Camp
1230 - 1430
Lunch and Rest
1430 - 1700
Reporting of
& friendship
and SAF
- - -
of the World
Discovery 2



Country Profile
Exhibition Fair

Closing Ceremony

(1430 hrs)
1700 - 1830
Prayer and Rest
1830 - 2000 Selection
display item
for opening
Free Time Youth
 Campfire Free Time  Cultural Programme Grand Campfire
and International Night
2000 - 2100

The Programme Circular

12-18 October 2008 -Mouchak, Gazipur
SAARC countries have been hosting and organizing SAF scout friendship camps since 2002 in association with the South Asia Foundation. The broad objective of such gathering of youth has been the enhancement of solidarity, friendship and cultural exchange through scouting.

Bangladesh Scouts takes pride in hosting the 6th SAF Scout Friendship Camp from 12-18 October 2008 at the National Training Centre, Mouchak, Gazipur (47 km from capital Dhaka) with the theme "Scouting for peace and Frienship".

This international event is open to only Rover Scouts (17-26 years). The 6th SAF Scout Friendship Camp at Mouchak, designed to provide scope for adventure and fellowship for the Rovers, includes among other activities six challenges.

The programme of the 6th SAF Scout Friendship camp incorporates the following events:

1. Presentation of country profile
2. Cultural programme and display
3. Friendship
4. Fair and exhibition
5. Grand camp fire and International Night
6. Youth Forum
7. Discovery
8. Sight seeing
9. Opening and closing ceremony

Detail of the events:

1. Presentation of Country Profile: In this programme two participants from each country will get on opportunity to speak in English about their own country (geography, economy, history, culture, famous persons etc.) for five minutes. Multimedia Projector, CD/DVD player will be available for projection if needed.

2. Cultural Programme and Display: Participants will get opportunity to show their own culture, tradition, history, dress etc. through music, dance, acting. Participants will carry required dresses, music or display items.

3. Friendship: Special cards will be provided to each country to make friendship with the participants of other countries. On the sixth day of the camp final round of friendship challenge will be organized. For this purpose participants are allowed to exchange waggle, scarf, badge, coat pin, currency and the like.

4 Fair and Exhibition: The main objective of this fair is to depict the tradition, culture and history of each SAARC country. Stalls for each country will be provided where scouting materials, traditional dress, local dry food, daily commodities may be bought, exhibited and sold.

5. Grand Camp Fire and International Night: Participants will get opportunity to present their items at the Grand Camp Fire. Chorus song, dance, drama etc. can be presented. To make the function attractive each unit/contingent is requested to carry proper costume, music, instrument etc. Selected items will be presented in the grand camp fire and international night.


6. Youth Forum: Except from the host country, all other seven member countries will send up to three participants to take part in the Youth Forum. These 21 foreign participants along with another 21 from Bangladesh will form the Youth Forum. The participants will be involved in to group discussion to finalize the recommendations and the Youth Forum Declaration.

The theme of this SAF Friendship Camp Youth Forum is "Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development". The participants of the Youth Forum will get the understanding on leadership skills, sustainable development and the major challenges faced by the South Asian countries in the areas of education, health and environment.

The rest of the participants of the youth forum wil also be exposed to several sessions on the theme and subject areas of the forum. These sessions will provide valuable insight to the participants and prepare them to contribute their thoughts during the open discussion session for formulating the Youth Forum Declaration. The final session of the Youth Forum will be conducted as Youth Parliament.

7. Discovery: Discovery includes the following programmes:

a) Discovery - 01 Hike: Rover Scouts will enjoy the scenic beauty of Bhawal National Park through hike. They wil get opportunity for swimming, fishing, cycling, climbing, backwoodsman cooking etc. Extra clothes and swimming costume will be helpful for the participants.

b) Discovery - 02 Millennium Development Goal: Participants shall take part in Community Development (CD) work in a nearby village to understand the life of the rural people and discover ways and means of improving their life.

c) Discovery - 03 Cultural Programme: After CD activities, participants will present selected cultural programme and enjoy the local programme performed by the villagers.

8. Sight Seeing: Visiting theme park fantasy Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Heritage Park and other places of historical interet would be included in the sight seeing programme. Participants will get opportunity to enjoy exciting rides. Every participant is requested to bring his/her swimming costume for water activity.

9) Opening and Closing Ceremony: In the colourful opening and closing ceremony selected cultural programme and display will be arranged. Participants will enjoy the opening and closing ceremony much.

Things to Bring: All participants will be accommodated in tents. Participants are requested to bring Scout uniform, NSO Flag, National Flag, a CD of National anthem, sleeping bags, blanket, personal toiletries, shorts, personal medecine, torch or flashlight, light warm clothes and other necessary belongings.

For further Information please contact:

Md. Nazrul Islam
Executive Secretary
Bangladesh Scouts
National Headquarters

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SAF-Scout Friendship Camp

SAF-Scout Friendship Camp


SAF-Scout Friendship Camp

SAF-Scout Friendship Camp