Ms. Trupthi Narayan officer at UNESCO, Paris visited SAF-Nepal & SAF-India office

News SAF-India, Delhi - 20th February 2018

Ms. Trupthi Narayan senior officer at UNESCO, Paris visited SAF-Nepal and had discussions with Dr Nishchal N. Pandey, Chairperson, SAF-Nepal, she also visited SAF-India office and had discussions on the activities of SAF and her interest in Biodiversity and Indigenous knowledge of South Asian countries

TruptiLeft to Right : Ms. Trupthi Narayan senior officer, UNESCO with Dr Nishchal N Pandey, Chairperson, SAF-Nepal

        Ms. Trupthi Narayan ( In center) senior officer, UNIESCO visited SAF-India office; Mr P K Prabhakaran, CEO, SAF-India  (Right )
Mr Sunil Binjola, Directorof Operatons, SAF-India