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News Kathmandhu, Nepal - 16th September 2016

First batch of UMCDSRC's passed out

The First bactch of SAF scholars from UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre of Development Studies and Regional Cooperation (UMCDSRC) has sucessfully completed Bachelor Degree in Development Studies from National College, Kathmandu University.

News Dhaka, Bangladesh - 9th February 2016

Dhaka Art Summit -5-8 February 2016

The panel discussion that I was moderating on the connections between Pakistani art and Bangladeshi art, pre1971 until now,it became quite a PR event for BNU, and UMISAA (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Art, Lahore)

News UMISAA, BNU, Lahore, Pakistan - 19th December 2015

Prof Salima Hashmi with two new Scholars of UMISAA, nominated from SAF-Bhutan of 2015 Batch

Prof Salima Hashmi with two new students at UMISAA, Ms. Pema Lhamo & Mr. Lobzang Zangpo, nominated from SAF-Bhutan for 2015 Batch, and Ms Latifa Attai UMISAA 3rd year Scholar. Ms. Pema Lhamo, UMISAA, 1st Year Scholar ( Batch of 2015) & Mr. Lobzang Zangpo, UMISAA, 1st Year Scholar

News Thimpu, Bhutan - 19th September 2015

Mr Sunil Sapkota, Scholar, UMCSAFS receiving Certificate of participation from Dasho Paljor J. Dorji, President of Bhutan

The Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) successfully hosted its Third Annual Research Symposium & Environmental Fair on 27-29 August in Thimphu, Bhutan. The 3-day education and outreach programe drew large crowds and great public interest, thanks to the support and active participation of Thimphu schools and 21 organizations including universities, government agencies, green businesses and CSOs.

News Kashmir, J&K, India - 28th June 2015

Recounting Kashmir By SAF Scholar Mr Mohammad Zakaria

It has been one year since I have come and stayed in Kashmir. During the past one year, Kashmiri society, culture, beauty and nature have become expressible. I realized books and newspaper are inadequate to know something. The more we travel the more we come near to the reality....