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News Srinagar, India - 27th May 2008

Inauguration of the Exhibition of South Asian Women Painters

By H.E. Mrs H.B Ghazanfar, Women’s Affair Minister, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the 27th of May 2008.

News Kabul, Afghanistan - 7th May 2008

Inauguration of Afghan Women's Painter at the Madanjeet Singh Institute for Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage

SAF is one of the most responsible Foundations of the South Asia region focused on cultural development and art efflorescence. One of SAF's main goals is presenting the culture and civilization of this region to the otherworld regions. Mr. Madanjeet Singh is the Founder of SAF.

Conference Kabul, Afghanistan - 31st January 2008

Meeting at the Ministry of Women Affairs, Kabul, from March 22, to April 5, 2008.

On January 9, 2008, Hon. Dr. H.B.Ghazanfar, Afghanistan’s Minister of Women Affairs called a meeting at Ministry of Women Affairs, Kabul, to discuss the modalities of arranging an exhibition of women painters of Afghanistan at the Madanjeet Singh Institute of Afghanistan Cultural Heritage, Kabul.

News 9th January 2008

The First Women Painting Exhibition in Kabul

H.E Dr.Raheen briefly talked about SAF activities in Afghanistan, especially H.E Madanjeet Singh’s donation of One Million Dollars to the Institute in Kabul and SAF scholarships to Chennai-India and Lahore –Pakistan.

Testimony 6th June 2007

Hameda Wardak- Foundation year, SVA

When I first arrived in Lahore 8 months ago from Kabul, I was confused, lost and felt extremely out of place. Between the language barrier and a style of education that was completely alien to me, I felt overwhelmed.